Many of our customers come to us at R&M Heys for the expert closing and sewing we can carry out on their products (traditionally closing for footwear, sewing for automotive interiors). As well as the practical expertise of our staff, we have a well-equipped workshop in which we can carry out these elements that, quite literally, bring a product together.

Whilst a lot of our closing and sewing can be completed by machine, much of it can also be completed by hand during table work.

Processes include:

  • Upper stitching
  • Sock stitching (strobelling)
  • Folding
  • Skiving
  • Binding
  • Punching (eyelets)
  • Frenching
  • Taping

As our customers often seek to provide for the semi-orthopaedic footwear market, many of our products need to be seam-free in order to minimize the risk of any discomfort. Comfort really is key, and so lots of care is taken as standard during the closing process to ensure substance as well as style, and function as well as form. From wide-fitting to underfoot comfort, we’ve got it covered (and closed).

Traditionally, we do not offer embroidery as a closing or finishing service, but, having said that, there was once a time when our only product was slippers, so never say never! Should our customers request this process whilst dealing with us, we are more than happy to recommend quality local providers