Our patterns are expertly cut and graded appropriately


The cutting equipment and expertise we have to hand (and foot) here at the R&M Heys workshop is the best in the industry – cutting edge, if you will! We have the versatility to cut almost any pattern from almost any material, and we challenge our customers to test this boast!

Our equipment includes beam presses for wide roll textiles and sheet materials, travelling head presses, and swing beam presses for leather cutting, to name just a few.

Our patterns are expertly cut and graded appropriately to provide fantastic footwear across a range of sizes and styles for our customers. Our cutting is not restricted to footwear, however, and we have built a solid reputation from cutting materials for other sectors, including the automotive industry, where we are always happy to support our customers in the cut of material for aspects such as car seats/covers and limited edition interior fabrics.

Traditionally, textile manufacturers can struggle with traditional dies and tooling when it comes to cutting ‘stretchy’ materials such as elastane. Whilst working with such a fabric still leads to one or two sighs from the factory floor cutting crew, we believe that we’ve adopted the most effective and intricate cutting processes to deal with it. Knives to swing beams, and travelling heads to die-cutting presses, we’re a cut above in terms of the range of equipment in our workshop.

The cut of cloth – or any textile – is key. As we are specialists in the manufacture of semi-orthopaedic footwear, a good cut means good comfort, and this is at the heart and ‘sole’ of our products for our customers.