We like to use the phrase ‘from cut to box’ when we talk about what we can offer in footwear manufacturing here at R&M Heys, and it’s a phrase widely used in our industry to show that a product has been fully made in the UK. We take great pride in being involved with footwear products from start to finish and have the best equipment and expertise available to do the best possible job in this field.

However, like the sole of a well-made shoe, we’re flexible, so we are happy and able to play a smaller role in the manufacture process if our customers require it. For example, we’re happy to use or even source components from elsewhere for our customers in order to work purely on assembly operation. Similarly, as you’ll find out on our website or by giving us a call, we can work purely on aspects such as pattern cutting or product finishing.

Through making good use of our links and networks with global partners and suppliers, we can source uppers and components to fit most clients’ budgets and expectations. We then assemble all of those components together here at our factory to ensure that the same high quality and exacting standards are met for each product. We take pride in all of our work, and so all creations that take shape in our workshop leave it having undergone strict quality control processes.

All of our components and materials are fully compliant with REACH standards and adhere to the RSL (Restricted Substance List). Each of our component suppliers are fully audited by the necessary regulatory bodies, and we ensure that any partnerships we immerse ourselves in are in line with organisational Corporate Social Responsibility. As part of our quality assurance measures here at R&M Heys, we make good use of an independent testing facility to ensure product compliance and to problem solve any technical issues; for example, sole bonding, slip resistance, and wear testing.

We challenge our customers to present us with a concept and watch as we expertly and efficiently craft it through to finished product – boxed up, shipped out, on budget. Similarly, however, if you simply want to instruct the team at R&M Heys to perhaps just add the sole to your existing creation, or add some finishing touches prior to taking your project through our process of quality control, we are happy to be a part of the process.

We’re happy to cater for large contracts or smaller batches, and have been known to take the odd phonecall from people who “have a great idea for a new pair of shoes…”