We ensure that the moulding and grading are in perfect order


Sadly, not every footwear manufacturer has the same high standards as the team at R&M Heys, and unfortunately, things can happen in storage and transit – or can get missed in production – which means that our team need to take in shipments to carry out remedial and corrective work on existing products. Often, these consignments will come to us because the point of origin is overseas, and it’s simply not practical or financially viable for our customers to ‘send it back’.

Below is a list of the most common problems which lead to the need for remedial work:

  • Incorrect/misleading contents labels – requires inspection, re-labelling and re-boxing
  • Growth of mould or fungus – requires cleaning, steaming and sterilisation
  • Adhesive problems – requires repositioning and fixing
  • Missing parts – requires addition of aspects such eyelets, straps and buckles
  • Defective parts – requires either reworking or replacing as necessary

Sometimes, the shoes may appear to be absolutely fine, but when it comes to the fit, something isn’t right. We can work on such footwear to ensure that the moulding and grading are in perfect order to fit the foot closely and comfortably. With the majority of our work serving the semi-orthopaedic market, comfort and fit are even more important than they would be to any other paying customer.

In all cases of remedial work, our team at R&M Heys will provide a comprehensive report to document the work carried out, although if we feel that there is something of issue in addition to what we have been instructed to do, we’ll advise accordingly, and will be happy to carry out further works to the satisfaction of our customers.